100 + Software Projects Successfully Completed

With over a hundred projects completed successfully over multiple industries and domains ranging from hardware integrations, IOT, Parking and billing systems, ECommerce Stores, Logistics solutions, Opensource implementations, Medical Software Integrations and much more. With happy clients around the world we salute our team of engineers and executives and clients who made this possible. 

Who We Are

We are a full cycle engineering company that believes in the power of Technology and along with Integration & Innovation. With out expertise over multiple industries and technologies we are not scared of challenges. We take up projects from most newest technologies to the most aged ones. Ensuring quality and stability for the projects that reach us. With our wide range of products and premade solution we ensure prompt and hassle free business solutions to companies and people all over the world.

Our Services

Software Projects

Web, App, Smart Contracting and Integration project which help you deliver the best in class business solutions by making your ideas into real businesses.

Blockchain Projects

Blockchain based projects from NFT marketplaces to University Certifications and Blockchain based solutions for the new enterprise and art markets.

Process Automations

Python Process automations which helps enterprises reduce cost of operations and manage workforce effectively resulting in a better enterprise.

Digital Marketing

Digital Presence is the need of the time.  We manage your digital presence taking the load from your shoulders to ours by promoting your business for you.

AI Development

Conversational AI system, AB Testing projects and intelligent chatbot development & process bots to help you solve complex business processes.

Data Projects & ETL 

Business dashboards, data transformation & Data migrations for your business from RDBMS to NoSQL and between multiple infrastructures.

Testing Services

Application, Security & Load testing services for your SaaS product of services project that helps you ensure the quality of the application before delivery.

Server & Infrastructure

Application deployment services to server, cloud or hybrid networks including microservices & server management services that help you ensure the product availability

What We Do?

We engineer quality software and make your business easier with assisting you with making your business idea a reality. We develop AI, Blockchain, Web, Mobile, IOT, Data Analytics, Dashboard formations and Hardware oriented intelligent solutions for your enterprise. We believe in business alignment and meaningful solutions. 

Our Products


Solutions suite for retail and subscriptions business from delivery management to subscriptions management. E-Commerce integrated solutions suites to improve business processes.


Solutions for studios, creative businesses and creative companies to showcase your work and manage your client and work with ease and effectiveness. From live streaming to completed digital copy publishing.

Realty Suite

Property management, real estate sales and renting softwaare solutions for the realty industry. From property showcasing to rent collection our hosted solutions will help you manage your sales and businesses easier.


Work management solutions suites for industries technical and non technical with availability over mobile and desktops supporting mobility and efficiency at work. Effective analytical and decision making for your projects.

Our Technologies & Expertise

Our References

We are in good company.