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Blockchain holds a great power in our current world with applications from logistics, financials to Medical systems and Art. We deliver solutions based on blockchain tech.

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We develop and deliver blockchain technology

Innovators from around the world are trying to exploit the power of blockchain in their existing business and for new businesses around the world. Even new technologies are emerging based on blockchain as an underlying technology. We develop blockchain contracting services from solidity to react application development from applications from realestate, power and medical services.


The history of transactions is becoming more transparent with the implementation of blockchain. Since blockchain is a distributed ledger, all network members share the same updated ledger. A consensus in the network validates the ledger, which implies that everyone must agree on it


If your company manages products traded via a complicated supply chain, you would understand how difficult it can be to track an item from its origin. When the supply of goods from one place to another is recorded on the blockchain, you get a complete audit trail representing where an asset came from and tracks each stop that it covers on the journey.

Increased speed

You can execute transactions fastly and securely by automating and simplifying business processes with blockchain. As a single digital ledger shared with the network participants can be used for record-keeping, you don’t need to manage multiple ledgers. Everyone within the network can access the same information at all times, which results in a quick settlement.

Reduced costs

Reducing costs is a priority for most businesses. Using blockchain, you don’t need intermediaries or third parties to establish trust as the network participants validate everything on the network through a consensus. You won’t have to review documentation to perform the trade because everyone will have access to an immutable version.

Blockchain for Enhanced Transparency, Security, and Traceability

In traditional businesses like medical, real estate and logistics there are numerous conditions and variable where there are chances of fraud of theft or ending up in a dispute which is highly related to the history of the property.  By tracing them and adding them to chains via blockchain eliminates these problems ensuring reduces financial loss or object loss due to human related issues and finding system errors becomes easier, which makes your business more efficient and strong. 

What we have done with blockchain

Blockchain Certifications

Blockchain based certifications platform for an online traning campus where the student takes an online session or an off campus session delivering their certificates via Immutable NFT.

NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace platform where artist and creators can create and sell and share their creations using NFT art selling model with tracking and scalability in mind and payment through NFT wallets.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain based deveopment for medical and logistics section where the objects identities and histories are traceable through out the life cycle make the transacions efficient and trustworthy.

Blockchain Development Process

The blockchain development process consists of the following six stages:

  1. Identify the Goal
  2. Choose the right Blockchain Platform
  3. Brainstorming and Blockchain Ideation
  4. Proof of Concept
  5. Visual and Technical Designs
  6. Development
  7. Deployment and Maintenance
  8. Change request and feature updates

Our Insights on Blockchain Systems & Smart Contracting

Deep dive into Smart Contracting

A writeup on what is smart contracting how it helps and how it can be implemented in businesses to solve problems. This blog gives you an indepth idea on how smart contracting works.

An Elaborate Guide to the blockchain

A blog tutorial on what actually is a blockchain and how can you implement blockchain in your business with the best technology stack which you can use to develop the system

What are NFTs & How it works.

NFT APIs make working with non-fungible tokens easy. Tasks like extracting data from multiple smart contracts and integrating it into an app can be performed without manual effort.

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